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The COPE Project - (Community Organizations and Programs that Empower)

  • COPE is our signature mentoring program. Through COPE, we match youth ages 10-18 with positive, caring adult role models. For more information about The COPE Project, visit *Offered at all locations. 

Aim High (A Diversion Services Initiative)

  • The program provides an array of services that address specific focus areas: assessments; counseling; juvenile justice life skills training; and academic support. *Offered at our Hammond location.


Community Resource Lab

  • Computer access is provided to the general public by appointment only. Whether to do homework or research health information, clients/consumers have access to a user-friendly resource lab. *Offered at our Baton Rouge location.

Community Health Services

  • We provide resources on an array of topics, such as HIV/AIDS, Smoking/Tobacco, Mental Health, Substance Abuse Prevention, etc. Contact us for more information.

Health Information Kiosk

  • Provided by the National Library of Medicine, clients/consumers can research valuable health information and resources via a kiosk in our waiting area. *Offered at our Baton Rouge location.

Free College

  • We are proud to partner with Baton Rouge Community College TRIO Educational Opportunity Center's (EOC) program. EOC is a one-stop-shop resource center that  provides FREE services to HS graduates, college students, and veterans needing financial aid assistance or adults planning to enroll in college or vocational school. 

Family At Church
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