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Gabrielle B. Johnson, CEO/Founder

"Since I was a child, I have had a passion for helping others. As I got older, the passion grew and in 2006, I finally decided to step out on faith and pursue my God-given purpose. Since inception, we have been able to reach thousands of individuals. The impact that Face to Face has made on the communities we serve has been such a great reward. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love. I have also been blessed with a great team who shares my vision and who exudes compassion. I hope that as you browse this site, you will learn more about what we do. I wish you blessings, favor, and success in all you aspire to do. And, if I can help one person as I travel along the way, then I know my life has not been in vain."











Gabrielle Johnson developed an early interest in serving her community. As a child, Gabrielle had a passion for helping others. As she got older, the passion grew and in 2006, she finally stepped out on faith and pursued her God-given purpose of establishing Face to Face Enrichment Center. Since inception, Gabrielle has secured millions of dollars in funding to support various programs and services which have reached thousands of youth and families. 

In addition to serving as CEO/Founder of Face to Face, Gabrielle wears many other hats, including serving as Founder/International Consultant of Aspire Consulting Solutions, where she has helped hundreds of clients across the globe establish their own nonprofits. One of Gabrielle’s biggest accomplishments with her consulting firm is helping a client establish a nonprofit in Africa.


Also, in 2021, Gabrielle established the Joy Olivia Foundation, in support of her young daughter who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 2. The Foundation’s goal is to let adults caring for kids with Type 1 Diabetes know that life is still full of possibilities and that a Type 1 diagnosis is not the end of the world; just the beginning of the kid's super powers. Also, in support of her daughter, Gabrielle recently authored a Children's Book called Finding Joy with Type 1. The book details how she and her family have managed her daughter's diagnosis and lifelong treatments. Gabrielle wants this book to be a support tool for other families who are experiencing the impact of Type 1 Diabetes and a fundraising tool for the Joy Olivia Foundation that will provide resources and assistance for the families as well.


Gabrielle holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and master’s degree in Public Relations (both degrees from Southern University A&M College - Baton Rouge). Gabrielle credits her motivation to her two beautiful daughters, Jazmine and Joy, and her late aunt, Madeline Briley-Jackson. She counts it a blessing to be able to do what she loves and is blessed to be surrounded by a great team who shares her vision and who exudes compassion. 

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